Contact Tracing Services

A complete solution for COVID-19 contact tracing

MCI is ready to be your Contact Tracing Call Center

As the coronavirus pandemic is getting more severe, and the vaccines are still under test phase, the only effective strategy is to control the transmission of this disease. Therefore, local and state healthcare organizations rely on the contact tracing process – a time-tested strategy to prevent the spread of such diseases.

As a prominent HIPAA-compliant healthcare BPO, MCI is equipped with comprehensive coronavirus contact tracing services. MCI is a prominent name among the contact tracing companies, we have the resource, tools, and technologies of a modern contact tracing call center. We are ready to rapidly deploy, which is crucial for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Our tech-enabled end-to-end contact tracing solution covers all facets of contact tracing process requirements – from conducting surveys to following a CDC-complied process of supporting patients and warning contacts of exposure with non-voice channels like emails. The entire case history, case management will be done by our proprietary software application, which follows compliance’s around data security, reducing the burden of data collection on public health departments.

How Can We Help as A Contact Tracing Company?

Our efficient team of contact tracing agents and process structure can ensure the successful execution of contact tracing services.
Some essential features of this program are as follows:
Contact Tracing Services

Support Patients

Support patients with suspected and confirmed infection


Advise & Warn

Advise, and warn exposed contacts with multi-faceted communication systems

Corona-Virus (1)


Educate about social distancing and to stay home a minimum of 14 days 

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable and reliable contact tracing call center service.

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