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Drive Service Costs Down Through Intelligent Automation

AI & automation technology has made it possible to eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks that are time-consuming and require little thinking. Our intelligent automation solutions and automating high-volume administrative tasks.

Automation has the potential to reduce costs associated with operations, improve processes accuracy and increase loyalty across the customer base.

Create and implement your customer engagement strategy. Leverage MCI’s industry experience to drive agile processes, operational innovations and customer engagement transformation.

Intelligent Automation

Analyze all customerinteractions and apply intelligent automation.

Automation Strategy

Leverage our industry experience to drive agile and efficient processes.

BOT Automation

Automation technology has made it possible to eliminate mundane tasks.

Omnichannel Technology

Seamlessly integrate and connect the bots into omnichannel platforms .

Enhance CX with our Intelligent Automation

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Digital Agent

Customers are presented the option to be transferred to Digital Omnichannel Agents.

Digital Agents

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Digital Omnichannel Agents


intelligent Automation Authenticates Customers in Real-Time.


Authentication via SMS/Text Code Encryption Technology.
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Intelligent Automation

Call Routing

Based on customers inputs, we can intelligently route calls and increase CX.

Intelligent Routing

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Omnichannel Routing

Live Associate

Live associates are prompted with valuable call data that helps produce real solutions.

Human Powered

Personalized, Professional and Memorable Customer Experiences.
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Live Associate Assistance

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Customers expect a more personalized experience, AI powered solutions improve efficiency, productivity and overall customer experience. Digital automation tools increase self-service concerns reducing call wait times and agent talk time which overall leads to a reduction in average handle time and improving efficiency within the call center.

MCI can help you adjust to the rapidly changing business landscape with intelligent automation. Automation and omnichannel digital agents can be invaluable additions to the customer experience, but only if you first invest in strategically redefining your people requirements to align with those next-generation processes, tools, and technologies. MCI invests in a culture of excellence and a strategy to focus on optimizing processes for agents and customers alike.

Use Cases

Bot use cases for Customer Care

  • Welcome and route customer inquiries from websites, mobile apps, or any messaging source (FB, Apple, SMS, Google)
  • Answer FAQs about products and services (store hours, locations, etc)
  • Troubleshoot problems or route customers to self-service content
  • Schedule customer appointments for service, pharmacy
  • Fulfill orders and complete transactions

Overcoming Challenges

Traditional contact centers can be expensive. With rising labor rates and proliferating digital channels, leveraging automation technology, machine learning, and bots can be a cost-effective way to improve your customer and employee experience.

  • Rising Labor Rates
  • High Overhead
  • Poor Per Agent ROI
  • Trouble Maximizing Call Output


MCI's automation solutions will drive service costs down by empowering customer self-service and enhancing the associate experience through intelligent virtual assistants that help them learn and serve customers better.

Our automation programs have the potential to reduce costs associated with operations, while improving process accuracy, and increasing brand loyalty across your entire customer base. We deliver focused back-office solutions with optimized workflows and macro/desktop automation that drives improved staff efficiency. In addition, by implementing cognitive systems and robotic process automation (RPA) to replace manual touchpoints, we help you enhance the consistency of output.



Chat and messaging services can scale significantly with automation. Enterprises can use bots to enhance digital care and sales processes to deliver high-quality customer interactions.

Automation Capablities

When Optimized, BOTS can:

  • Increase total digital interactions and drive cost efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reaching all digital encounters immediately
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased margins

BOT use cases for Customer Care:

  1. 1
    Intelligent Routing

    Welcome and route customer inquiries from websites, mobile apps, or any messaging source (FB, Apple, SMS, Google)

  2. 2
    Answer FAQS

    Answer FAQs about products and services (store hours, locations, etc)

  3. 3

    Troubleshoot problems or route customers to self-service content

  4. 4
    Schedule Appointments

    Schedule customer appointments for service, pharmacy

  5. 5
    Fulfill Orders

    Fulfill orders and complete transactions


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