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Transform Data Into Actionable Insights with CX Analytics

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Transform Data Into Actionable Insights

Customer experience analytics are crucial in gaining intelligent insights to make key decisions in improving the customer experience. Understanding CX data analytics allows you to get more in touch, more personal with the consumer, leading to more efficient future interactions.

Evolve your analytics capabilities to find the key points of information in customer data. Rapid delivery, innovative techniques, and digital experience platforms that help you uncover big ideas with big business value.

Speech Analytics

Analyze daily interactions of both the customer and the contact center associate.

Customer Insights

Gaining a deeper understanding of the full customer journey.

Employee Insights

Identify strengths and areas for improvement to improve your employees.

Operational Insights

Operational Insights apply advanced operational analytics to drive efficiencies.

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Call Mining

Mining valuable data and insights allow us to provide real-time analytics.

Mining Call Data

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Mining Call Data

Intelligent Analysis

Call Data is Intelligently Analyzed to reduce cost and improve customer experience.

Reduce Costs

With MCI's CX Analytics, we can help you reduce costs.
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Intelligent Analysis

Integrated Data

Integrate call data and information in a cloud-based reporting platform.

Integrate Your Data

Integrate Data with our Cloud-Based services.
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Data Integration

Actionable Insights

Justify investments in product improvement and enhance customer experience.

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Insights & CX Analytics

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CX Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics

Now days, companies have plenty of data, and the difference is how they use that data for a competitive advantage. MCI's customer experience analytics tools allow you to integrate segmented data and transform those insights into business value by making them actionable and outcomes-driven. By analyzing customer interactions, you gain operational insight into employee performance and engagement, enabling you to continuously optimize business processes.

Rethink how you collect, manage, and analyze customer engagement data. MCI will help you determine who, why, and how customers interact with you, then integrate analytics into decision-making for optimized operational execution.


Customer Experience Analytics Challenges:

  • Ability to listen and analyze daily interactions.
  • Ability to listen to both customers and contact center associates.
  • Need to further develop associates ability to create meaningful moments that matter for customers.
  • Need to gain a deeper understanding for the full customer journey.
  • Ability to generate valuable CX Analytics that can be used in a comprehensive manner to take operational action or deploy call center strategies.

MCI CX Analytics Solutions:

CX Analytics can help create a consistent customer experience across the full customer lifecycle and help guide organizational decision making along the way. MCI's CX analytics can propel your contact center and make a real business impact across all of your channels.


MCI CX Analytics Solutions:

  • Improved Customer Experience and kept client operations running smoothly.
  • Provided greater visibility over all operations
  • Continuously optimized systems and processes.
  • Reduced costs substantially.
  • Applied advanced contact center analytics in real-time to drive efficiencies.
  • Continuously optimized client business processes and workflows.



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