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CX Strategy and Omnichannel Consultation

Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Enhance Your Customer Experience Programs

Defining a customer experience strategy can be difficult and even harder to implement without the proper knowledge or resources. MCI can assist you in creating a CX Strategy that is right for your customers and your company.

Through your defined vision of the customer experience, our staff can offer your customers a positive and meaningful experience in every interaction.

CX Journey Mapping

CX Journey Mapping is critical to executing successful CX Strategies.

Digital Strategy

Leverage our digital omnichannel experience to drive efficient processes.

Value Mapping

Implement CX Strategies that will best impact effectiveness, while helping reduce cost.

CX Transformation

MCI’s solutions provide a unique CX Strategy and vision for CX Transformation.

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CX Strategy Map

Customer journey maps are critical to executing successful CX Strategies.

Digital Agents

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CX Strategy Map

Digital Roadmap

As the world becomes more digital, your customers expect a seamless digital journey.


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Digital Roadmap

Value Mapping

Mapping your ROI ensures your path of success and improving value.

Know Your ROI?

Knowing your ROI is critical to providing CX Strategy.
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Value Mapping

CX Transformation

Accelerate your digital and customer experience transformation.

CX Transformation

Personalized, Professional and Memorable Customer Experiences.
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CX Transformation

Case Studies

CX Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

What if you could get a clear view of your current customer experience across all channels and determine the interactions, tools, and technology needed to accelerate and transform your customer experience. MCI's CX Strategy and CX Consulting team will help you create a prioritized roadmap for your digital transformation.

Rethink how you collect, manage, and analyze customer engagement data. MCI will help you determine who, why, and how customers interact with you, then integrate analytics into decision-making for optimized operational execution.


CX Strategy Challenges:

  • Executing Successful Customer Experience Strategies.
  • Understanding Customers Journey.
  • Orchestrating specific capabilities needed to realize better customer experiences.
  • Develop a better vision of customer experience across all channels.

CX Strategies and Solutions:

  • Produce quantifiable proof points of value that enhance customer experience.
  • Create better value mapping and ROI solutions.
  • Build better business cases that use lean principles to identify critical drivers of value within the customer experience.

CX Strategy Results

With the Customer Experience Strategies fully mapped out, it was easy to define, identify and enhance customer experience during the digital transformation process.

We also recommend having the client highly involved during this process, which we found maximizes the final CX Strategy Results.


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