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Delivering Next Generation Customer Engagement Through MCI's Interactive Digital Experience Platform

Our digital-first world has changed. As simple tasks are being addressed with digital self-service, human support interactions have become more complex and the people on your frontline are more critical than ever.

We invest in best-in-class facilities, tools, and a tech-enabled, empowered, and engaged workforce with the social, emotional, and problem-solving skills to connect with your customers any time and on any channel.

Customer Experience Centers (CX)

Creating connections with customers to drive brand loyalty.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

Reshaping CX with predictive AI for better business outcomes in a digital world.

Experienced System Integration

Integrating and scaling all of your data sources.

Data Analytics & CX Consulting

Visualizing how business can be done with data.

Enhance CX with our Intelligent Automation

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Apple Business Chat/Android RCS Messaging allows customers to chat with agents right within the iOS Messages App and agents view interaction the same as traditional chat or SMS

Customers want to chat in channels that they are most comfortable
– Accenture, 2018

Conversational Commerce

Typical Results in conversational commerce:

     Typical Results in conversational commerce

Scale With BOTS & AI

Scale Messaging with BOTS and A.I.

Bots can be used to handle many common inquiries,
leaving human agents free to handle high-value interactions. Bots can help:Home & Co

  • Answer pricing and product availability questions
  • Answer questions about order and shipment status
  • Reorder products
  • Route inquiries to the right human expert
  • Answer FAQs
Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence is more prominent than ever:

Social Media Influence


MCI is a multi-faceted tech-enabled business services supplier with a synergistic product and services portfolio and an expert leadership team. Our focus is on the development and delivery of dynamic technology, human capital, and professional services.

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    MCI is a privately owned, tech-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT Services company that provides customer experience (CX) technology, managed and human capital services.

    MCI now employs over ~4,000+ talented individuals who support a diverse array of clients across the globe, with service delivery taking place in USA, Canada, Caribbean, North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.