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Omnichannel Digital Agents and Digital Experience Platforms Change the Game

Customers use multiple touch points for customer service. Without a detailed history of the customer journey, customers are asked to repeat themselves when speaking with an agent for further assistance. This Utilizing omni-channel agent desktops, our call center agents are equipped to conduct easy to more intricate customer driven interactions seamlessly across multiple touch points.

Give your customers the power of IVR and virtual assistants so they can interact with you in a natural, human-like way. Deliver real-time context and personalization across all channels, and protect your customers from internal and external threats.

Leverage our outcome-based delivery model to optimize your business outcomes and minimize your risk. Engage strategically with our experienced teams to share risks and rewards as you begin your digital transformation journey.

Deliver Amazing CX

Deliver amazing customer experiences with MCI’s Omnichannel Digital Agents.

Call Center Training

Immersive contact center training that equips associates with the skills they need.

AI Simulated Training

Transform your entire employee development experience with MCI.

Custom Offerings

MCI can completely customize solutions to your business requirements and needs.

Enhance CX with our Intelligent Automation

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Automated Assessments provide development paths based on intelligent scoring.

Digital Assessment

Learn More About your employees with automated assessments.
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Automated Assessments

Detailed Reports

Learn employee strengths, weaknesses, and area's of opportunity with MCI.

Employee Reports

Learn valuable information about your employees with An MCI Company.
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Detailed Reporting


We can help you create and deploy an immersive gamification dashboard.

Game On

Gamification Dashboards that provide immersive employee experiences.
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Gamification Dashboard

Digital Training

Employees can learn with video tutorials and other digital tools.

Digital Coaching

Personalized, Professional and Memorable Customer Experiences.
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Digital Employee Training

Case Studies

Digital Agents

Omnichannel Digital Agents:

Imagine if you could build a culture that creates brand advocates and long-term customer value, increase employee productivity and speed to proficiency, while empowering your employees to learn through enhanced digital experience platforms (DXP's).

Customers view their interactions with your brand as one conversation, regardless of the channels they use. Messaging and cross-channel context enable consumers to migrate away from chat and utilize messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to communicate with enterprises. MCI's Omnichannel Digital Agents will help you deliver real-time context and personalization across all channels.

Enhanced IVR

Enhanced IVR Technology

Voice is still the number one channel for consumers to interact with, but they are no longer willing to navigate complex touch tone menus in an attempt to resolve their issues. MCI's Enhanced IVR and Digital Experience Platforms allow your customers to say what they need in their own words, and complete complex interaction tasks that were never possible with outdated IVR technology.


Interactive Solutions

Interactive Omnichannel Solutions:

MCI will help you engage and equip your employees with the right knowledge, skills and mindset to ensure every interaction they deliver transforms your customers day into a great one.

Give your customers the power of an Enhanced IVR and omnichannel digital agents so they can interact with you on the channels they prefer. Deliver real-time context and personalization across all channels, and protect your customers from internal and external threats.

Leverage our intelligent and enhanced IVR to optimize your business outcomes and minimize your costs. 

Preferred Channels

Communicate With Customers Across All Platforms

We revamped our clients employee on-boarding program, customizing it to their business and customer's needs, while enhancing employee and customer experience values, substantially.


MCI is a multi-faceted tech-enabled business services supplier with a synergistic product and services portfolio and an expert leadership team. Our focus is on the development and delivery of dynamic technology, human capital, and professional services.

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