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Our Purpose

Why We Exist

At MCI, we’re not just in the business of Business Process Outsourcing; we’re in the business of changing it. We have an unwavering commitment to improving and revolutionizing the intersection of human talent and cutting-edge technology. We’re on a journey to redefine customer engagement as we know it, pushing beyond the boundaries of the imaginable.

We are here to create an environment where customer engagement, talent, and technology merge, each elevating the other to new heights to create a customer experience that is satisfying, efficient, impactful, and unforgettable.

We don’t just aim to meet industry standards; we’re here to create them, ignite spark industry-wide conversations, and catalyze meaningful changes that ripple across sectors and industries. We’re here to challenge the status quo, questioning the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ to not merely disrupt but to elevate and evolve.

As a leader in this transformative journey, our mission transcends transactional relationships. We’re crafting deeply integrated partnerships that will fuel growth, inspire change, and establish a new paradigm in business operations. We are reimagining Business Process Outsourcing—grounded in innovation, elevated by human talent, and propelled by a vision that aims to turn the impossible into the inevitable.


Why Choose MCI?

With a diverse customer base of almost ~370+ public and private sector clients, MCI is providing industry-leading software and workforces to meet modern omni-channel customer journeys. MCI is enabling our clients’ vision of cutting-edge customer experience through customized smart technology like AlaaS, BPOaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, and NLPaaS. MCI’s position as a leader in the technology enabled customer contact management space is hallmarked by insightful analytics reporting and actionable data to ensure client and customer satisfaction. MCI’s technology suite of products and services work seamlessly together to enable our clients to focus on their business, while we expertly focus on their customers experiences.

Core Tenets: Charting the Future of Business Process Outsourcing

MCI is guided by four tenets: operational excellence through talent, people, and technology together, exceeding customer expectations, and agility and adaptability for our customers.

Operational Excellence: Cultivating Exceptional Talent

We keep it straightforward: top-notch people deliver top-notch experiences. MCI places a premium on hunting for and hanging onto the best talent. We arm them with all the training and tools they need to shine. Here, our crew members aren't just on the payroll; they're ambassadors of a brand dedicated to unparalleled service.

Agility and Adaptability: Our Second Nature

The business world spins fast, and so do we. MCI's nimble strategy allows us to switch gears rapidly, keeping pace with market shifts, tech updates, and the ever-changing customer wishlist. This quick adaptability is one of the reasons why clients keep coming back.

People and Technology: Elevating Innovation

MCI is all in when it comes to leveraging the magic of tech. We're ramping up the role of robotics, AI, and data analytics in our workflow without losing the essential human component of customer interaction. We believe talent and technology should work harmoniously to deliver an exceptional customer journey. At MCI, we aspire to combine them, offering an integrated, efficient, and impactful customer experience.

Customer Focus: Client's Growth = Our Growth

We aim to blow expectations out of the water. At MCI, we tap into technology supercharged and steered by human intellect and talent to pioneer customer experiences, setting a new industry standard.

MCI Leadership Principles: Guiding Our Path to Excellence

At MCI, leadership isn't just a role or a title; it's a responsibility to embody and champion the values that define us as a groundbreaking business process outsourcing organization. Our leadership principles serve as more than just inspirational phrases; they are actionable tenets that guide our decision-making, shape our corporate culture, and help us continually challenge what is possible in customer experience.

Call Center Outsourcing

Essential Factors to Consider

How we Lead

Have Bias for Action

In MCI’s fast-paced environment, a bias for action is essential. This principle empowers our team to make swift, informed decisions, allowing us to respond proactively to the fluid demands of our industry.

Communicate Issues Transparently

Transparency is a core value at MCI. We prioritize communicating issues openly and transparently, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration that enables effective problem-solving.

We Expect the Best

We set the bar high at MCI because we aim for nothing less than excellence in all aspects of our business, from cutting-edge technology integration to unparalleled customer service. We are a high-performing team.

Extreme Ownership  

Taking ownership at MCI extends beyond individual roles and involves taking collective responsibility for outcomes. This commitment to “Extreme Ownership” promotes a culture where individuals learn from their mistakes and continually strive for improvement.

Grit Determines Success

Our employees are imbued with a sense of persistence and resilience. Grit is the driving force that enables us to surmount challenges and fulfill our long-term objectives.

Make Good Investments

Being mindful of return on investment in everything we do has, and always will be core to how we operate at MCI. We aim to optimize resources judiciously, ensuring that each dollar spent adds value to our mission and clients.

Accept and Delegate Responsibility

Leadership at MCI involves both assuming responsibility and enabling others to do the same. Trusting team members to own tasks and outcomes is part of our organizational DNA.

Displaying Urgency

In the high-stakes world of business process outsourcing, MCI thrives by operating with a sense of urgency, allowing us to be agile and responsive to evolving client needs.


At MCI, mastering the fundamentals and beyond is non-negotiable. A strong foundation enables us to innovate more effectively and adapt to industry shifts. Everyone is responsible for ensuring they have the skills and ongoing development needed to execute at the highest level.

Get it Right Most of the Time

Getting it right the first time is essential. Our dedication to detail and accuracy in all we do reflects our overarching commitment to excellence. We don’t like to make mistakes but when we do, we appreciate learning from them.

Pursue Growth and Learning

MCI is a place of perpetual growth and learning. We encourage professional development to stay ahead of industry advancements and enrich our diverse organizational culture. Continuous improvement is part of who we are and what we expect from our leaders.

Do More With Less, Faster

Efficiency is a core principle at MCI. We focus on achieving more with fewer resources, leveraging technology and streamlined processes to serve our clients better and faster.

Propagate Fun

A vibrant work culture makes MCI a unique place to work. We value individuality and encourage a sense of fun and even a little quirkiness to infuse our corporate culture with energy and creativity.

Strive for and Advocate Perfection

At MCI, the quest for perfection is a continual process. We advocate for the highest standards as an ongoing commitment rather than an end goal. Continuous improvement methodologies are how we stay ahead and deliver for our customers.

Be Proud

We take immense pride in our work at MCI. Each project we complete, and every customer we serve contributes to a legacy we are committed to uphold.

Work Really Hard

Last but certainly not least, the principle of hard work underpins all our other leadership principles at MCI. Dedication and effort are more than just requirements—they are the essence of who we are.

At MCI, our leadership principles are not merely guidelines; they are the compass guiding us toward ethical decisions, innovation, and continual striving for excellence. These principles encapsulate the qualities we seek in our leaders and strive to foster across our organization. This commitment provides unparalleled value to our clients and employees.

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