Company Overview

MCI was established in 2015 as a holding company and a special purpose entity to purchase TMone. After selling TMone in 2013 and reacquiring the company in 2015, MCI renamed TMone to Mass Markets.

MCI subsequently purchased Gravis Apps in 2016 as a software company to bolster our technological capabilities. We then procured the deal for OnBrand24 as a premier provider of digital customer experience. MCI is also launching the Sydney Call Centre Inc.


TMone/Mass Markets has a 15-year history, GravisApps, a 20-year history, OnBrand24 a 30 year and The Sydney Call Centre Inc. has a 19-year history.

MCI is a multi-faceted tech-enabled business services supplier with a synergetic product and services portfolio and an expert leadership team. Our focus is on the development and delivery of dynamic technology, human capital, and professional services.

Customer Engagement Experts

The MCI organization is comprised of customer engagement experts and is intentionally adaptive to market and brand portfolio fluctuations to facilitate the development of new competitive advantages across the business. Areas of expertise include business process outsourcing (BPO), CRM, machine learning, big data, enterprise contact center software, telephony, systems integration, analytics, and unique customer engagement strategies. With our technology, data insight, human capital, development expertise, and professional guidance, MCI customers can leverage the ability to support the full customer life-cycle with one proven partner.

MCI is the parent company of a diverse set of tech-enabled business services operating companies. MCI organically grows, inorganically acquires and operates companies that have synergistic product and services portfolios, including but not limited to business process outsourcing (BPO), business process management (BPM), software, and technology services.


MCI is the parent company of a diverse set of tech-enabled business services operating companies, specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance for some of the world’s best brands.

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