Leadership Team



MCI is a multi-faceted tech-enabled business services supplier with a synergetic product and services portfolio and an expert leadership team. Our focus is on the development and delivery of dynamic technology, human capital and professional services.

Anthony Marlowe

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Falco
Chief Customer Officer
Chris Alexander
Chief Business Development Officer
Ethan Davis
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mike Gray
Chief Technology Officer | MCI
Chad Miller
Chief Software Development Officer
Bill Haack
Chief Operating Officer
Ling Ding
Chief Financial Officer
Dan Kobylanski
Dan Kobylanski
Chief Technology Officer | VIP
Amy Galvin
Senior Vice President
Kate Murph
Regional Vice President
Todd Riley
SVP of Pricing and Profitability
Maura Cone
Regional Vice President of Operations
Dawn Parker
VP Payroll & Benefits
Joe Vondracek
Vice President of Operations
Lee Shoup
Vice President of IT & Security
Melissa Winberg
VP of Client Services
Mike Anna
Vice President, Digital and Marketing
Shauna Graham
VP of Operations (SCC)

    Driving modernization through digitalization, MCI ensures clients do more for less. MCI is the holding company for a diverse lineup of tech-enabled business services operating companies. MCI organically grows, acquires and operates companies that have a synergistic products and services portfolios, including but not limited to Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS), customer contact management, IT Services (IT Schedule 70), and Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing (TAPS Schedule 736), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Claims Processing, Collections, Customer Experience Provider (CXP), Customer Service, Digital Experience Provider (DXP), Account Receivables Management (ARM), Application Software Development, Managed Services, and Technology Services, to mid-market, Federal & enterprise partners.