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Revolutionizing Healthcare Services

At MCI, we recognize that delivering outstanding customer service is paramount in the healthcare industry. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of patient interactions. Whether it’s appointment scheduling, billing inquiries, or healthcare support, we ensure each interaction is handled with empathy, accuracy, and a patient-centric approach.

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Appointment Scheduling

Ensure seamless and efficient appointment scheduling in the Healthcare Services industry with our specialized BPO outsourcing services. Our dedicated team will handle patient appointments with precision, empathy, and a patient-centric approach, optimizing the scheduling process for enhanced patient satisfaction.


Streamline billing inquiries in the Healthcare Services industry with our expert BPO outsourcing services. Our knowledgeable team will address patient billing inquiries with accuracy and empathy, ensuring a seamless and transparent billing experience for patients and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Patient Care

By outsourcing your customer service functions to us, you can focus on providing quality healthcare while we handle patient inquiries and support. This allows your healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care, resulting in improved overall patient satisfaction.

Multichannel Support

We provide multichannel support across various platforms, including phone, email, chat, and online portals. This enables patients to reach out to your organization through their preferred communication channels, ensuring seamless and accessible support.

24/7 Call Center Support

Our BPO services are scalable and flexible, allowing you to adapt to fluctuating patient volumes and changing needs. Whether you experience seasonal spikes, require additional support for special projects, or need customized solutions, we can seamlessly adjust our resources to meet your requirements.

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