Gravis Apps New Website Will Have You Moving Your Contact Center Software To The Cloud

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LEADING CLOUD CONTACT CENTER SOFTWARE Gravis Apps has the technology, industry knowledge and contact center experience to help you succeed. Whether you choose Gravis Apps inbound, outbound or our blended solution, you are equipped with a system designed to support all types of business and industry applications.

Cheers erupt as first paycheques handed out at Sydney Call Centre rescued from closure

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Cheers erupt as first paycheques handed out at Sydney call centre rescued from closurePost By: HALEY RYAN, THE STAR HALIFAX Published:January 18th, 2019 SYDNEY, N.S.—A heartbreaking story of hundreds of Nova Scotians laid off just before Christmas has reached a happy ending with a new owner, laughter, and a drink at the Legion. The Sydney […]

MCI Call Centre To Open In Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 2019

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MCI Call Centre to Open in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 2019 MCI Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mass Markets, will reopen the recently closed ServiCom contact center in Sydney and operate as “The Sydney Call Centre Inc.” The company will provide new and ongoing employment for the local Sydney area and operate The […]

Join MCI Booth 512 ICMI Connections Hyatt Regency Chicago IL Oct 28-30 2019

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ICMI has been at the forefront of improving customer experiences for over 30 years. They are 100% focused on empowering contact center professionals to improve their skills, advance their career, and enhance the performance of their organizations. More than 50,000 organizations worldwide have joined ICMI on a collective journey to elevate the customer experience through […]

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    Driving modernization through digitalization, MCI ensures clients do more for less. MCI is the holding company for a diverse lineup of tech-enabled business services operating companies. MCI organically grows, acquires and operates companies that have a synergistic products and services portfolios, including but not limited to Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS), customer contact management, IT Services (IT Schedule 70), and Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing (TAPS Schedule 736), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Claims Processing, Collections, Customer Experience Provider (CXP), Customer Service, Digital Experience Provider (DXP), Account Receivables Management (ARM), Application Software Development, Managed Services, and Technology Services, to mid-market, Federal & enterprise partners.