JNET Packet Instructions

Click the buttons to the right to download instructions to connect to your Local Site VPN from home. 

VPN Setup-General

Instructions to connect to your Local Site VPN using Cisco AnyConnect

SOP Computer Setup

PC Setup Instructions
PC Setup

WIRED HIGH-SPEED INTERNET PROVIDERS You need a Cable, DSL, or Fiber Connection to Work from Home

Wired broadband essentially means there is a physical connection to a physical location (home or business) through a cable. There are three main types of wired broadband connections for consumer or residential use: DSL, coaxial cable, and fiber. DSL uses traditional copper wire telephone lines. Cable television companies traditionally provide service over coaxial cables. Fiber systems are comprised of glass fiber strands over which optical (light) signals are sent. (Other options for wired broadband include T1 or T3 lines and Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)).

Work-From-Home Requirements


  • Great Work Ethic
  • Excellent Attendance
  • Quiet Work Environment

Wired High-Speed Internet Connection:

    • Download Speed 20 Mbps (minimum)
    • Not sure?  Test your speed at speedtest.net

Minimum Specification for Personal Desktop or Laptop Computer on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs:

  • NOTE:  For some programs, MCI will provide the equipment however most work at home agents are required to have their own PC and headset.
    • PC (Not a MAC)
    • Windows 10 Operating system
    • Intel Core i5 Processor
    • 8Gb Memory (RAM)
    • 256Gb Hard Drive (Storage)
    • 1 USB Type A 2.0
    • 1 RJ-45 Connection (Internet Ethernet Cable)
  • Personal Wired USB Headset with Microphone


Work-At-Home Information & Resources


COVID-19 Information & Resources

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